Software development for "everything Apple" and Java

Since the year the Mac was born I have been developing software for Apple Macintosh. And, also since it's been available, I've extended that to iOS (iPad and iPhone), and now tvOS (Apple TV, the next generation).

On the server side I use Java and related technologies for developing web applications.

I have built Mac, iOS and Java applications for many customers for in-house and commercial use. I can also call on the assistence of other professional developers and designers on larger projects or when additional expertise is required.

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Developer training

What I do is what I teach. You can build upon my extensive experience with developing software for Java, iOS and Mac OS X by following a course.

I teach Java courses for Oracle University, Fast Lane and ITvitae; the Mac OS X and iOS development courses are my own creations.

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Products for iOS and Mac

Most of my iOS apps, and some of my Mac apps, are available in Apple's App store. As well as developing apps for clients, I have also published my own apps. Most recently: Communicado.

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